Interview with Bordo

Interview with Bordo
Released a month ago on the label 96 Musique, Bordo happens to be a surprising and promising duo with a strong artistic identity. Living hundreds of kilometers from the French capital, Bordo takes a step back from the excitement around the parisian scene and brings a fresh approach to Deep House music in France.

Hey guys, can you introduce yourself in a few words? This is Bordo baby ! We are Matt (composer and singer) and Vinz (composer and producer). We like partying, drinking good wine (Bordo color of course) and have a walk in the woods!

You chose to release your first EP with 96 Musique. Why?They seemed to be very cool and we love their office in Pigalle ! They are a small indie music company, hard workers and it is very easy to talk with them, getting things done on time.

What are you working on currently? We are working on our live set and our next EP. We always wanna have some fresh stuff ready.

Where can we listen to you at the moment, apart from the digital stores? We will warm up for Claptone on January 14th, and play on March 30th for our release party at the “iBoat” in Bordeaux.

How do you express yourself performing on stage? With class and spirit.

Recently, there has been a new wave of young French producers such as Madeon, Joris Delacroix, Synapson, Feder, The Avener... stepping over the older generation represented by David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Martin Solveig. What are you bringing on the table that is so fresh? A fresh wind from the ocean, a mix of different influences that gives Deep House the flavor of Soul, Funk & Hip-Hop music.

If you had an unlimited choice of artists, which one would you take for a featuring? Michal Jackson, some say he's not dead.

And amongst the dead? Amy Winehouse.

Paris or Bordeaux? Paris.

One last word? Resist!