Kid Legacy: The Other Bae music video

Kid Legacy: The Other Bae music video
Recently signed to the 96 Musique imprint, Kid Legacy has joined the tribe already composed by The Avener, Bordo, Agrume & Lounes, Grand Garden, KnR and so many talented artists of the new French House stage, with their first song “The Other Bae”, a fresh and funky House track. A few weeks after the release of the single, Kid Legacy reveals the music video!

It is pretty easy for the listener to figure out Kid Legacy's state of mind as they composed and produced “The Other Bae”. A strong desire to get back to those times when music was hot and groovy, one-piece swimming suits sexy, as much as headbands and moustaches while exchanging some balls on a clay court. All those vintage icons, Kid Legacy has depicted them into a funny and off the wall music video.

Watch the video:

The single THE OTHER BAE
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