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Agrume & Lounes
Music & Waves
(2024 Remaster)

#IndieDance #DolbyAtmos • 2024.04.19
Serial Records has a real background in the history of electronic music. With the aim of updating some of the label's songs, today, it's "Music & Waves" by Agrume & Lounes that's going to get this process. In fact, this reissue of the track gives it a smoother, more contemporary feel along with a Dolby Atmos mix. With "Music & Waves", Agrume & Lounes provide us with a beautiful summer track in the vein of those pop song remixed into Deep House tracks. But this one is an original: vocals and guitars were recorded for the purpose of the song, and it is fresh as hell.
Original picture by Clara Segui


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Agrume & Lounes

Music & Waves

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