Ran Shani

Ran Shani
\"Watch this man closely.\" - DJ Magazine

Ran Shani was born in 1980 and grew up in the suburbs of Tel Aviv. Drawn to music early on, he began his musical journey as a drummer, playing in local bands. At age of fourteen he discovered electronic music. Before long, he was experimenting with synthesizers and drum machines together with friends.

Captivated by a wide range of music, from Rock and Reggae to Disco and Hip Hop, Ran was influenced by artists like Quincy Jones, The Neptunes, Beastie Boys, Daft Punk, and Kraftwerk to name but a few.

After several years of producing and playing throughout Israel, Ran moved to London in 2003. He immediately fell in love with the city, kicking off his time in England with a release on Damian Lazarus\' Crosstown Rebels. His second release was a 12\" single called \"Cool Like That\" on Mylo\'s Breastfed Recordings, which was warmly received by audiences and critics alike, including a 5-star review in DJ Magazine which described it as \"Like the best Janet Jackson or Pat Benatar dub you\'ve ever heard...\"

Shortly thereafter, Ran released the EP \"Sunshine\" on CR2 Records, which has received rave reviews from top DJs and leading dance music publications. In addition, Ran’s music has been featured on some of the most exclusive dance music compilations the world over.

Currently living on Tel Aviv\'s Mediterranean shore, Ran is constantly composing, producing, and keeping busy as an in-demand remixer for leading international artists. Expanding into the world of music for movies, five of his compositions can now be heard on the soundtrack of \"The Bubble,\" a new film by leading Israeli filmmaker Eitan Fox.