Anthony aka Provi is an electronic music producer and DJ from South of France. He is influenced by Funk Soul Classics from an early age and start music production by remixing his favorite songs to play when Djing with his friends. PROVI released his first single with more than 3 million plays and continues with releases reaching over 20 million Streams on streaming platforms.

He quickly catches the attention of big names like the German DJ Felix Jaehn who asks him to produce two remixes for his album.
His rise allows him to sign several million-play remixes, including his recent single 'Sinnerman' by Nina Simone playlisted by radio stations like Fun Radio, Radio FG or Radio Monaco. Back from touring with The Avener and playing Festivals alongside big names, such as Summer Vibes or La Clairie?re, the young mediterranean musician feeds his inspiration in different genres of music. How a vintage latin song would sound if it gets reworked by Provi ? Discover « Tamborito » June 2nd with 96 Musique.