Kid Legacy
The Other Bae (Remixes)

The Other Bae (Remixes)
Photo © Clara Segui -
  • RELEASE DATE 2016-12-16
  • GENRE House
  • REFERENCE 96m052
As children, Ben and Mike were brought up in the musical landscape of the eighties. Today, they naturally mix up influences from Electro and Pop music, along with more traditionnal instruments and catchy vocals. Their first single “THE OTHER BAE” sets the tone for their own singular universe : an unexpected and powerful blend of Rock and Funky grooves with Electro and French-touch-inspired sounds.

A few months after the release of "The Other Bae", Kid Legacy makes it remixed by awesome names from 96 Musique: Agrume and Grand Garden, as well as Demon Ritchie from 2000s Deep House trio, Soldiers of Twilight.