Stil & Bense
What I Say

What I Say
  • RELEASE DATE 2013-12-23
  • GENRE House
  • FORMAT single
  • REFERENCE 96m003
Let us introduce our new artists Stil & Bense. Stil & Bense is new project focusing on Deep House and melodic Disco sounds. Their debut single is a perfect example for Still & Bense's unmistakable Deep and Soulful music: grooves that don't punch you right in the face, but find a way to your heart and keep you moving from within.

On the remixes we have two of the most talented guys you can ever have : Dayne S (currently ultra hyped for his releases on OFF Recordings, Noir Music or Defected) is on board with an amazing bassline groover! Second maestro is Nico Pusch, due to a few really hot bootleg productions and his heavy tour schedule, he's on everyone's lips in the scene. All in all a release you can't miss out !