The Avener

  1. Heaven (Continuous Mix)
  • RELEASE DATE 2020-01-24
  • GENRE Deep House Rework
  • FORMAT album
  • REFERENCE 96mcd010
After an unanimously acclaimed first opus, « The Wandering Of The Avener », the French producer has taken all the time needed to cook the « perfect second album ». For him, this meant to propose something new without disavowing his artistic identity. That’s why he multiplied collaborations with various talented artists from various backgrounds: Bob Dylan, M.I.L.K., Ayo, Bipolar Sunshine, Arrow Benjamin, to name just a few. Those who expected something new and fresh from The Avener won’t be disappointed as the major part of the tracks are original songs composed alone or with songwriters and vocalists. The unconditional fans of « Fade Out Lines » were not forgotten though and will love reworks like « A Better Man » (with Phoebe Killdeer behind the mic) or « 900 Miles » with Terry Callier. Just listen and enjoy.